We've Moved

In July 2009, this website, ecircuitonline.com was decommissioned.  Our new online news site - BC Circuit - is located at http://bccircuit.com .

 We archived all of our old stories (over 600) plus all 54 of our photo galleries at the archive site.  Please visit http://ecircuitonline.com/archive to see those stories and photos.

Reason behind the move

There are three primary reasons for archiving and decommissioning the eCircuit site and then establishing a new site.

 The first is technical.  We upgraded our content management system, but unfortunately the databases between the old and new are different.  As a result, we can't easily migrate our old content to the new site.  We'll eventually work this problem out, but for now, this strategy will allow you to revisit the older content.

The second is branding.   On the campus of Benedictine College, everyone knows about "The Circuit."  No one knows about the "eCircuit".  Part of the problem is marketing.  The other part is using two names for the same publication.  The solution?  Keep it simple.  Since our audience already knows about The Circuit, renaming the website with the same title makes it easier to understand what the site is about.  

The third is mobility.  Over the next year we'll also establish a mobile specific site.  We were able to register both the "com" and "mobi" domains for bccircuit. Besides, it's a bit shorter and easier to type into a keypad. 

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