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Thursday, 12 March 2009

BC students may not realize it, but they are taking part of trends that are sweeping across the na­tion. Even though we may believe we live in a desolate location, our community is no match for the power of trends we have inserted ourselves into.

Some popularities at BC include owning hoards of Nike shoes, scarves, and following media like NBC’s The Office and the book series by Stephanie Meyers, Twilight. (Laura Wadle I The Circuit)
Nike high tops. Let’s be honest, we all know someone person who has a shoe fetish. Each pair we own says a little something about our personality. From that black pair of Converse screaming from your closet your independence to that always reliable pair of New Balances, shoes are our support for our daily adventures.

Nike high tops, on the other hand, scream for attention. They say, “Look at me! I’m obnoxious!” And the fact that they are made up of multiple loud colors, girls can’t get enough of this crazy trend. NI­KEiD, a branch of Nike shoes al­lows customers to customize their own pair of high-tops.

Kristin Thorne, freshman, and Alexa Hollembeak, sophomore, both share the love for this trend. “Me and Alexa are like walk­ing billboards for sweet shoes”, Thorne said.

Hollembeak, who went to high school with Thorne, said “It’s a way of life. And, I don’t want to be cocky, but I was the first at my high school to have them.”

As of right now, both girls are continuing to build on their col­lection of high tops, waiting for the “new hottest ones that come out next,” Thorne said.

Nike high tops, however, don’t suit boys quite as well. But they have adapted to their very own shoe trend: moccasins.

Just ask Andrew McGown, ju­nior, who wears his almost every day. Why moccasins, you might ask? Simple. “I’m too lazy to tie my shoes”, he said.

Dana Lewis, senior, has her own theory as to why BC males are now sporting this new trend, “They became popular by old men,” she said.

When temperatures dropped low here in Atchison, many girls turn to a modest and warm trend. Jill Hettinger, junior, traveled abroad to Italy last semester and brought back six scarves with her. “Everyone wore scarves there,” Hettinger said, “So I bought some. I want to be Italian! Who doesn’t?”

Many girls around campus are seen sporting scarves, from cra­zy animal prints to solid colors. Scarves can be worn numerous ways, and work with every outfit. According to Hettinger, scarves say, “I’m sophisticated. I’m Ital­ian…or trying to be.”

Shoes aren’t the only trend BC keeps up with though. This holds true especially in regards to what we read and watch.

For those of you who get that precious time away from your text­books to read leisurely, chances are, you’ve given Twilight a shot. This more than popular book is the source for all of the Edward-Cullen-crazed girls here.

Twilight, along with the other three books in the series, is the love story of average Bella (hu­man) and the handsome, perfect Edward, who wants to marry her but also must resist killing her (vampire). This can obviously spark some controversy. “Twilight is a romance novel for tweens, and I refuse to read it” says Sarah Laskares, freshman.

According to USA Today, Twi­light “sold more books in 2008 than any other author”; about 22 million. In addition, it swept the top four slots in 2008’s best sell­er’s list.

At number one for 19 weeks, it begs the question, what is the big deal? Self proclaimed Twilight fa­natic Tina Schik “it captures you, and Stephanie Myer leaves you hanging, which makes you want to know what happens next.”

Twilight fans have much to look forward to. After the movie Twilight’s success in the box office (which grossed over 70 million dollars its first weekend), one can bet the second book in the series, New Moon, will be just as excit­ing.

“In May of 2009, I’m approach­ing my two year anniversary with the love of my life” said freshman Jonathan Clark, on another popu­lar trend, the hit T.V. series The Office. Clark owns all the seasons that are available, and explains on how although it is a comedy there is much character development and depth to the show.

“I really like The Office because it contains very dry humor and makes fun about the stupid little situations about everyday life that we tend to get worked up about,” said Tom Marsh, freshman. The Office, which airs a new episode every Thursday night, brings to­gether students and therefore promotes Benedictine’s value of community.

Although Atchison is located in the heart of America, the trends across the country continue to have an influence in our small town. We may not share in the lik­ing of high top shoes, or the love of Edward Cullen, but we can all appreciate trends, either by cre­ating them, or simply following them.

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